9 Easy and Profitable Tech DIY Crafts to Make and Sell in 2023

It’s time to create plans for the year ahead and find new ways to make money. If you’ve already dealt with the first part but are falling short on ideas to make money, you are in the right place. We take a look at nine DIY projects to inspire you to create your own similar makes that you can sell.카지노사이트

  1. Mandalorian Glowing Picture

Hanging frames are excellent but pretty standard. Most interior decoration enthusiasts know this, which is why they always look for unique alternatives. That’s precisely why you should make a project like the Mandalorian glowing picture. Unlike standard hanging frames, it features LED lighting and motion detection!

Be sure to build a couple of frames following the Instructables guide because they’ll undoubtedly be a hit among decor enthusiasts. You could do a Mandalorian one or use a different theme. Share the results on platforms like Etsy or IKEA, where home improvement pros tend to camp looking out for unique decor pieces like this one. Here are some more art-in-motion projects to add class to a home you can consider building.

  1. LED Mood Lamp

Mood lighting is becoming increasingly popular for all the right reasons—it enables householders to create any desired ambience in a room. Consequently, adding the LED mood lamp detailed on this guide to the list of tech projects you’ll make and sell in 2023 is undoubtedly a brilliant decision.

Additionally, it has a unique, cube-shaped design that automatically sells itself without you having to say a word. Plus, you can always customize the designs, so you have a variety to market on social media or even e-commerce platforms like Alibaba. Building and selling these out-of-this-world DIY chandeliers can also net you more sales.

  1. Light-Up Card

Another notable tech DIY project to add to your list of crafts you can sell is the light-up card. It’s made using a paper circuit; as the name implies, it lights up when opened. This makes it the perfect DIY craft item to sell alongside flowers on occasions like Valentine’s Day or any other special occasions where loved ones are looking to outdo each other in terms of unique gifting.

Once you master the basics of a paper-based circuit, you can even start incorporating the idea into other projects you deem fit. If you are looking to make more bucks selling some DIY crafts on February 14th, these stunning DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for any loved one in your life should suffice.

  1. LDR-LED Bracelet

Bracelets are always in style and for a good number of reasons. To begin with, they’re simple but very stylish. Also, they suit people of all ages, which is precisely why you should make this LDR-LED bracelet. It’s guaranteed to sell as it’s not just an ordinary bracelet. It’s a light-dependent resistor (LDR) bracelet, meaning the LEDs turn on when it’s dark and go off during the day. And despite these bells and whistles, it’s incredibly lightweight.

The best part is that it’s pretty straightforward to make, and this Instructables guide does an excellent job detailing the step-by-step process of creating one.바카라사이트

  1. DIY Exploding Wall Clock With Motion Lighting

Clocks sell, and the DIY exploding wall clock with motion lighting in this Instructable is undoubtedly a big seller. It’s shaped like a square but with smaller cubes glued to it, creating an illusion of exploded parts. It reminds us of the tabs and blanks of an incomplete jigsaw puzzle. Check out the Instructables guide to see how it’s made and recreate it, or your own custom version, for sale.

  1. Retro-Futuristic USB Drive

Tired of your colleagues borrowing your USB drives but never returning them? Build and sell a retro-futuristic USB drive to keep them away from yours. It’s so unique they’ll love it. Made using a transparent plastic tube, this DIY USB drive sort of looks like the gas generator part of a jet injector. Review the Instructables project for the supplies needed and the step-by-step instructions. Check out these other awesome DIY USB flash drives you can build and sell, too.

  1. Arduino Nixie Clock

Clocks play an important role in our daily lives. As a result, even though we live in a modern age where smart devices can easily tell the time, people are constantly looking for unique timepieces to incorporate into their spaces. Take advantage of this by creating and selling Nixie clocks this year.

A Nixie clock comprises a series of vacuum tubes (aka Nixie tubes) with glowing wires that display time numbers, with each number blinking out to make way for the next. Despite the fact that the concept is quite old, these clocks have always managed to make a comeback, and for a good reason—they’re very unusual-looking and exude an air of antiquated sophistication.

While selling a Nixie clock in its standard design is a good idea, you could also configure it with Arduino, as shown in this Instructables guide, to make it more modern and thus more appealing to modern-day clock collectors.

  1. RedwoodPill 50W Teak Wood Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are all the rage because they’re super-convenient and easy to use. Just pair them with your phone or tablet, and boom! You’ve got music wherever you go. And let’s not forget, they’re wireless, so no more cords getting tangled up. It’s a win-win situation, really.

So, go ahead and build a classy teak wood Bluetooth speaker, as highlighted in this Instructables project, market it on social media, and if you make enough units, upload it to platforms like Amazon and watch as the sales roll in.

  1. Slow Dance: a Fusion of Art and Magic

Remember how home decor enthusiasts are always looking out for unique frames? Leverage this need and make some extra bucks by making a slow dance frame, as shown in this Instructables tutorial.

It vibrates delicate everyday objects such as flowers, feathers, or dried leaves at one frequency, making them appear as if they’re moving, dancing, or in slow motion. Wondering why this would be a hit? People love moving art because it creates a sense of energy and is mesmerizing. Unlike static image frames, the slow dance frame can change and evolves based on the delicate objects placed in it. ​​​​​​

Earn Some Extra Bucks in 2023

The year 2023, like 2022, began uneventfully, which is great because the previous two years weren’t favorable for the human race. Take advantage of this by creating and selling one-of-a-kind crafts. Use the suggestions above as is or modify them to fit your needs and audience.온라인카지노

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