Unbreakable: Meet the hosts and the daring cast of celebrity couples prepared to push their relationships to the limit

The six-part show will see a cast of celebrity couples take part in a series of mental, physical and emotional challenges designed to test their bonds. Relationship experts Anjula Mutanda and Maria McErlane will analyse the way the couples work together, granting points for performance.카지노사이트

One by one the couples will be eliminated, until an unbreakable celebrity duo is crowned winner. Funny, relatable and occasionally terrifying, this series will show some of the UK’s favourite TV personalities as the British public has never seen them before.

Let’s meet the cast…

Unbreakable a 6×60’ for BBC One and iPlayer, is made by 110% Content.


Interview with Rob Beckett, Presenter

I am obsessed with people and family and partner dynamics. I love nothing more than leaving a party and gossiping with my wife Lou about all the other couples and how they behaved or how their kids behaved. This show is perfect for that, as it puts all kinds of pressure of different couples to see how they react. It’s brilliant. I was excited when I got offered the job but watching it unfold exceeded all of my very high expectations.

What would you say is the most important thing for a successful relationship?

Teamwork. Life is hard and some days it all gets too much. That’s when you need your partner to step up and look after you and take control. Then you can return the favour when they don’t feel too good. It’s all about taking turns in looking after each other.

Did any couples surprise you?

I was surprised by how competitive they all were. They all really wanted to win.

Did anything funny happen behind the scenes?

Well I was on tour when we were filming, so I would film some stuff with everyone then jump in a car to Southend or Swansea. Which normally meant the couples would have a night off. So it was fun seeing some of them with hangovers the next day when they are about to be chucked off a bungee jump.

How do you think you’d fare if you were one of the couples competing on the show?

I think me and Lou would do pretty well, but the added pressure of the cameras will always make things 100 times more stressful. I imagine we would be knocked out early doors and it would be my fault.

Anjula Mutanda, Relationship Expert

What does it mean to be a Relationship Psychotherapist?

My role as a relationship psychotherapist is to help couples to resolve all kinds of interpersonal issues and conflicts. These can vary in severity and be things like feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled in the relationship, wanting a stronger connection, or having difficulty expressing feelings to one another.

Often couples can get stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour and psychological distress which can lead to communication breakdowns and conflict. The role of therapy is to create a supportive and accepting space in order to help them to improve their relationship.

What strengths and weaknesses did you look for in the couples?

I was looking to see how our couples coped under pressure and handled situations that they were not in control of. A lot of the games were time pressured, which meant that the couples were put under physical and emotional stress. How they treated each other when they were in these circumstances spoke volumes about their strengths and challenges as a couple.

So when they were under stress, were they kind to each other? Did they show mutual respect? Did they take responsibility if they messed up? Could they laugh off disappointments? Did they have each other’s backs?

In terms of weaknesses – I prefer to call them challenges – did they blame their partner if something didn’t go their way? Were they oblivious if they upset their partner? Did they engage in kitchen-sinking – in other words giving your partner a long ‘laundry list’ of things they’ve done wrong in the past and dumping it at their feet all at once!

I was also looking at how couples communicated with one another, both verbally and non-verbally. Some were very tactile, others were verbal, and some seemed to have energetic, dramatic and tempestuous interactions – which kept things lively!

Did any of the couples surprise you?

There were so many surprises along the way! I lost count of how many times I said, “that did not just happen… did it?” Personally it was a real privilege to see people be so open and honest and willing to engage in the whole process whilst having so much fun!

What is the most important advice you would give for a happy relationship?

Every couple is different, but I would say, have each other’s backs. Be willing to be flexible. Engage in regular relationship maintenance. Strengthen your bond by doing the dance of give and take. Be each other’s safe space and be respectful to one another and have lots of fun and regular belly laughs along the way!

Maria McErlane, Relationship Expert

You are one of Britain’s most-loved Agony Aunts. How did this prepare you for the show?

As an agony aunt, there is very little that surprises me about relationships. Every coupling is unique and even if you have been together a long, long time you are always learning as you both evolve.

What strengths and weaknesses did you look for in the couples?

Strengths and weaknesses changed with each new challenge. The couples ALL applied themselves 100% and worked ‘together’ to overcome individual weaknesses or to incorporate possible strengths.

Did any of the couples surprise you?

What surprised me most about the couples what just how competitive they were! Some of the challenges were incredibly hard and all our couples showed phenomenal levels of determination. They took it very seriously!

What is the most important relationship advice you would give to any couple?

The most important relationship advice is communication and honesty. Problems can often get overlooked that need to be discussed diffused and resolved. Also, kindness. Another emotion that can get lost. To love someone fully, flaws and all, we must ALL remember to be kind, even when being honest!

Denise Welch and Lincoln Townley

Why did you want to take part?

We wanted a fun project to do together after a really tough year.

This series includes physical, emotional and mental challenges, which did you struggle with most?

Linc struggled mostly with his fear of heights. Denise struggled mostly with her fear of being underwater and of maths!!!

What did you learn about one another?

We learnt that Lincoln can sometimes play well with others!! The show reinforced that we prefer to do things together, and that now includes working.

Would you say you are an unbreakable couple?

We’ve always seen ourselves as an unbreakable couple and it was nice to show that to other people, as many in life have doubted us.

Charlie Mullins OBE and Rara

Why did you want to take part?

We thought it would be a great challenge to do together. We have so much fun together on a daily basis, working and living together. It was a good opportunity to take part in a new experience and make some more memories.

This series includes physical, emotional and mental challenges, which did you struggle with most?

Probably the mental challenges. Psyching ourselves up to do a bungee jump together was one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done.바카라사이트

What did you learn about one another?

We now have more of an understanding of how we work as individuals and as a couple. We also think we’re an awesome couple!

Would you say you are an unbreakable couple?

Absolutely. Through thick and thin!

Anything to add?

We won’t be doing a bungee jump again!

Simon Weston CBE and Lucy Weston

Why did you want to take part?

We took part as it was something so far out of our comfort zone. We’d never done anything like this before.

This series includes physical, emotional and mental challenges, which did you struggle with most?

We don’t think we struggled with any aspect of the challenges. The physical side of things was a bit tough mostly because we’re old!

At times, especially for Lucy, things were emotional. There were topics she hadn’t spoken about in public before.

What did you learn about one another?

You think before you do something like this that there’s nothing you don’t know about each other – especially after 32 years! But taking part just proved to us that even though we are individuals you need and want to do things together.

Would you say you are an unbreakable couple?

What is unbreakable? Is it being the best couple at things? Doing tasks faster or better than another couple? Or is it that you do them together, you look to each other to get things done. As the programme progressed we both realised it’s the latter. So yes, we think we’re unbreakable.

What was the most important thing you learned?

We will take this experience onwards in our relationship and use the things we learnt about each other and other couples to continue through our relationship.

Stephen Bailey and Rich Taylor

Why did you want to take part?

We wanted to take part because normally, due to our hectic work schedules, we only get to spend a bit of time with each other here and there, and we normally end up slobbed on the sofa in front of a box set. So when presented with this opportunity we thought it would be nice to spend some quality time with each other and actually do some activities!

This series includes physical, emotional and mental challenges, which did you struggle with most?

I (Stephen) struggled with the physical challenges and Rich struggled with me, struggling with the physical challenges.

What did you learn about one another?

We learnt that we actually work very well together, and that our differences and our individuality are our strengths not our weakness. You have to let people be who they are.

Would you say you are an unbreakable couple?

Well wouldn’t that be spoiling the finale?! Tune in to find out! Also – YES, we are unbreakable.

What was the most important thing you learned?

Throughout this process and spending time with other couples navigating their way through life, we learnt a lot about relationships. We all have a past, but it’s about laughing and having fun in the present to guarantee your future.

Shirley Ballas and Danny Taylor

Why did you want to take part in Unbreakable?

Shirley: I took part as I wanted to see how well I knew my partner. All the nitty-gritty of a relationship. Seeing how well we could work together – and mostly I loved the idea of us doing something together.

Danny: Well, firstly I loved the idea of Shirley and I doing something like this together – it seemed like a great opportunity to do something together first and foremost. Having then watched the pilot and seeing what we’d be doing and what the challenges were, I really liked the idea as well. Being challenged and doing something very different and out of the ordinary. We really put ourselves to the test and I like a challenge I guess. You’re only here once, so why not?

I also wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and it felt like a great opportunity to learn more about each other and strengthen our already strong relationship.

The series includes physical, emotional and mental challenges. Which did you struggle with the most?

Shirley: I think Danny would agree that the emotional challenges were the hardest for us both – they were a struggle for me, but really showed me the importance of working through these things together and how best we could support each other through that – those challenges have really strengthened us as a couple.

Danny: I think it would most definitely be the emotional challenges, I sometimes have difficulty expressing how I feel. The physical challenges I kind of just get stuck in and get on with it, but the emotional challenges were harder because lots of things come into that, dealing with all of that and talking about it. So I would definitely say it was the emotional challenges that I struggled with the most.

What did you learn about one another?

Shirley: So much, and that was one of the best things to have come out of doing the show. I learnt that Danny is a lot smarter than I gave him credit for and that we work really well together as a team.

Danny: The one thing that we probably have learnt to do better, and are always working at, is to communicate better and to work as a team. Not just speaking and listening, but being patient, putting yourself in that other person’s shoes, empathising and remembering that you can give a negative comment and that can have just as much impact as a positive one. So thinking about how you say things and how it’s delivered.

We’ve also both learnt that the one thing that gets us through is laughter. Laughter is a great thing. Forgiveness is a really important thing too, and appreciation. A relationship is definitely a team effort where you are always looking to find a compromise through empathy and understanding for the other person.

Would you say that you’re an unbreakable couple?

Shirley: Yes, I would say so. We have definitely strengthened certain areas of our relationship, so it was an incredible opportunity for us both. I learnt that it constantly needs work from both sides and it’s important to remember that. Appreciation and communication are key.

Danny: I do, yes, and I hope that we continue to build foundations as strong as we are. I think going back to the different things that are important in the relationship and you continue to work on them. Most importantly communication, gratitude – appreciating each other. Adventure – thinking outside the box. Most importantly is laughter – it’s really, really important and not to take yourself too seriously. You need to cut yourself a bit of slack sometimes. Also to be quite grounded really.

I think ultimately in all of this as well, is the aspect of friendship and just getting each other, never lose sight of why you got together in the first place. Shirley put out her hand to me at a very difficult time, a very low point in my life and I hope that I can return that for Shirley.

I’ll always have her back. Always.온라인카지노

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